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Hiqh quality photos of Ashley from the Chicago Lakeshore reveal party have been added to the gallery with a thanks to Claudia for them!

Gallery Link:
Appearences & Events > Appearences & Events 2014 > July 31: W Hotels Of Chicago Lakeshore Reveal Party

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I have added dvd captures of Ashley’s small, yet crucial part in Kristy to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Movie Productions > Random > DVD Captures

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Random was renamed to Kristy and the dvd for it was just released! You can purchuse it here

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Here’s a short clip of one of Ashley’s scenes from “Wish I Was Here”

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Please note that this article does contain spoilers for the movie!

Ashley Greene is only in a few scenes of Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here but the Twilight alum plays a significant role in Josh Gad’s character’s storyline.

Gad’s Noah, the brother of Braff’s lead character Aidan, begins the film shut off from his family and other people, holed up in the trailer he lives in. But as he pursues his Comic-Con-attending neighbor Janine, played by Greene, he begins to express himself more, but he’s unable to reconnect with his estranged father, played by Mandy Patinkin, who’s dying of cancer. Ultimately Noah confesses to Aidan’s daughter Grace that he’s afraid and finally visits his estranged dad before he dies.

Greene says she thinks her character allows Noah to emerge from his isolation.
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You can view the original article at US Weekly as well as view a image of her contents that she dumped out of it!

It’s not easy being Greene. “I’m constantly losing my keys in my purse,” confesses Twilight alum Ashley Greene, 27. “The other day the valet was like, ‘Um, miss, we can’t move your car,’ and I started digging frantically,” the costar of Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here (out July 18) admits to Us Weekly. What items did the actress, who dates Australian TV personality Paul Khoury, find while rifling through her Bulgari satchel?

The Queen of Clean

“I constantly eat in my car, so I keep Oral-B Glide floss with me. And I won’t leave my house without Dove deodorant or the Honest Company’s hand sanitizer. I shake a lot of hands!”

Here Comes the Sun

“My friend Cara turned me on to the company HydroPeptide. I carry a really nice sunscreen that gives my skin an iridescent sheen.”

Snack Attack

“I’m never without pistachios or almonds. Sometimes I’ll pack Popchips because they’re pretty guiltless– if you’re going to eat a potato chip!”

Lucky Charm

“I try to keep jewelry out of my purse because I’ll end up losing it, but I do have a Lokai bracelet that signifies to stay hopeful and stay humble.”

The Eyes Have It

“I have tried a lot of different mascaras, but I always come back to L’Oreal’s Voluminous. I’ve had the same tube forever.”

Cold Comfort

“I love Foundation Tissues. They have skull and flower designs on them. They’re cool and kind of girlie!”

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Hello everyone, I’m Holly, the new owner of Ashley Greene Online. I’m thrilled that Ania decided to let me continue with the site and I hope I can continue to be your best source on the web. I have added three events of Ashley from this past week to the gallery to start my updating off!

Gallery Links:
Appearences & Events > Appearences & Events 2014 > July 12: Just Jared Summer Fiesta
Appearences & Events > Appearences & Events 2014 > July 14: “Wish I Was Here” New York Screening
Appearences & Events > Appearences & Events 2014 > July 14: “Wish I Was Here” New York Screening After Party

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Ashley and the rest of the “Wish I Was Here” cast seemed to have a lot of fun at the premiere after party. Photos have been added to the gallery, including those from photo booth.

Appearences & Events > Appearences & Events 2014 > June 23: “Wish I Was Here” LA Premiere – After Party
Photoshoots & Advertisements > #096

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With less than a month to go until the July 18th theatrical date, Ashley and the rest of the cast glamed up for the “Wish I Was Here” Los Angeles premiere held at DGA Theater on Monday. As far as the fashion goes, Ashley was wearing W. Britt earrings and Jennifer Fisher rings.

Appearences & Events > Appearences & Events 2014 > June 23: “Wish I Was Here” LA Premiere

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Ashley stepped out of her hotel on Thursday afternoon to go run some errands around New York City. She also attended a performance of the new musical Bullets Over Broadway later that night to support her buddy Zach Braff.

Candids > Candids 2014 > June 19

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Stills in New York City, Ashley was spotted out and about grabbing few soft drinks on June 18th.

Candids > Candids 2014 > June 18

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2 new stills of Ashley in “Wish I Was Here” has been released and added to the gallery.

Movie Productions > Wish I Was Here > Stills

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The Twilight franchise may have come to a close two years ago, but for Ashley Greene, that hasn’t slowed her down.

The actress, who is best known for her role as Alice Cullen in the Twilight films, was recently named the new brand ambassador for Oakley’s Made for More campaign, which seeks to motivate women to get up and keep active via its new line of athletic attire. This past weekend, Oakley hosted a mini 10K in Central Park, and I had the chance to catch up with Greene before she tackled the race. Read on for our chat.

Lucky: So you’re running a 10K tomorrow…props to you, I’m not much of a runner!
Ashley Greene: I’m not really either, truth be told. But I feel like [the race] has a very good, positive message behind it—it’s empowering to women and I’m athletic so I feel like it will end up being okay!

Having you been training a long time for this?
We’ve been training specifically for this for a couple of weeks—we focused more on movement and how to run correctly, rather than distance running. My trainer does a lot of metabolic training where you don’t actually run on the treadmill for 10 hours—you still get your heart rate up, you get yourself in cardiovascular shape, but you also build muscle and strength. A big thing for me when I first met with [my trainer] Jason was that my knees would hurt every time I ran—it was because my quads were overpowering everything and they were so tight and pulling on my knee and my hip flexor, so our big concern first and foremost was getting everything back to where it should be and strengthening my glutes and my hips to allow them to take over. So we worked on that a lot, and we ran a little bit. A lot of the time he had me run on a 30 percent incline, which is so hard. The first time he did it he had me run a mile and I finished and was like, “Why was that so hard? Why?”

That sounds crazy!
Well, he told me that it’s the incline—[in the race] I’m never going to be running on an incline, so we started with a mile and ended up getting up to three miles, which was basically as much running as we did, and we focused again on making sure that I felt good and that my body could handle everything without hurting itself. I don’t want my knees and hips to be hurting after six miles. Hopefully it works out!

Segueing into taking care of your body—your skin is so flawless! What’s your morning beauty routine like? Any favorite practices?
First and foremost, water. Lots of water. If you have a clean diet and drink lots of water, most of the time your skin stays pretty good. I definitely wash my face morning and night—I have a 10-minute routine, between washing my face, exfoliating, moisturizing and all that good stuff. When I work out the way that I am now, I probably do it three times a day even, just to make sure the sweat and impurities are out of my system. That’s pretty much all that I do—I got pretty lucky with my genetics.

Any favorite products?
I use this line by Joanna Vargas. She’s all organic and actually based in NY. Her line has a lot of face washes that are vitamin C-infused and moisturizers that are oils, but they don’t make your skin oily or break out. I’ve used it for a long time, so it’s tried and true!

And as far as your workout clothes go—are there any places you like to shop for gear?
I have so many workout clothes! I wear Body Language a lot, which is LA-based. Of course when I started working with Oakley I basically came into the store and took everything—I don’t think women realize that they’re making a lot of really cool workout apparel. The colors are very cool and exciting—I didn’t really know until I started working with them, but now I have a lot. Everything.

What sort of things do you look for when shopping for your workout gear?
Definitely breathability! Most of the time I work out in sleeveless shirts and capri pants. Less is more for me when I work out just because the stuff that I do. Also, just by nature, I sweat more, so I get extremely hot. I don’t know how people work out in actual sweatpants—it feels so gross!
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Ashley attended the Oakley New York Mini 10K race on June 14th in New York City. The actress, who is the brands eye wear ambassador, also stopped by the Oakley Fifth Avenue Flagship Store the day before for a meet and greet session.

Appearences & Events > Appearences & Events 2014 > June 13: Meet And Greet At Oakley’s Fifth Ave Flagship Store
Appearences & Events > Appearences & Events 2014 > June 14: Oakley New York Mini 10K

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